Top Tips for Choosing a Business Accountant

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Choosing someone to handle your business finances can be an incredible daunting task, knowing that the right accountant can make or break your company. One of the most frequent questions we receive is “How do I know what to look for in a business accountant?”

Brangham and Associates has put together these helpful hints to point you in the right direction when finding an accountant. Whether you choose to work with the team here at Brangham, or find someone else to provide the full service accounting, bookkeeping and tax planning services you need to be successful, we hope that you’ll ask these questions as you move through the process.

#1: Look for someone with specialized knowledge and experience in the industry

Many people approach accounting as if it is a one size fits all service, as if one business tax return is the same as another’s. This isn’t the case, and having specialized knowledge of the industry and trends important to your business can make all the difference in financial and tax planning. Having someone who can act not only as an accountant, but also as a business advisor, will help steer your company in the right direction and provide you the financial footing you need to be successful.

#2: Make Sure that Your Accountant (And Their Staff) Will Be Available

If you expect to only hear from with your CPA once a year at tax time, you aren’t expecting enough out of your accountant. Make sure that your accountant (and his staff) will be available when you need them, as often as you need them, and that they have a proactive plan in place, rather than a reactive one.

#3: Communication from Your Accountant is Critical

Regular interaction with is critical, not only to provide you the advice and input you need to be successful, but to also help your accountant keep his finger on the pulse of your small business and address small issues before they become big ones. Find someone you feel comfortable working with, and who shows a genuine interest in helping you grow your business.

#4: Your Accountant Should Be Good with Numbers, but Better with People

Any accountant should be able to put together a P&L Statement or file your taxes on time. You should be looking for someone that not only gets the basics of accounting and tax planning right, but who also understands that you’re an entrepreneur and will treat you as a business owner, not a set of books. Find someone who speaks your language, and remember that your accountant will be the person helping you make some of the hardest business decisions you’ll have to face.

#5: References, References, References!

This is the step most often skipped, and usually to the business owner’s detriment. Any accountant worth his fees should be more than happy to provide you with a list of satisfied clients and their contact info. Be sure to call a few, do your due diligence and get real feedback about the accountant, their staff and how the experience to work with them has been. Picking the right accountant will save you time and money year after year, and this is your chance to get an inside look at how this team works on behalf of their clients.

Brangham and Associates is here to help you make the right decisions, for all of your business and personal accounting needs. With a full line of tax planning, accounting and bookkeeping services, we make sure that no matter what your needs are, we can be proactive in resolving them for you. Call us today to find out what an accountant can do for your business and personal needs

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