Business Planning Consultation

Developing a Plan for Small Business Success

For most people starting or operating a business, the main focus is on providing customers with a quality service or product. But without a strategic business plan for guidance, business owners will struggle to develop, let alone achieve their goals—a crucial step for lasting overall success.

We at Brangham and Associates believe in helping your small business achieve. Our team of trusted CPAs have over 30 years of experience providing quality accounting and business planning services, including business entity selection, record organization and a broad range of tax services. With our help, you can focus on satisfying your customers, while the strategic plan we develop together will enable easy, effective management of everything from payroll administration to expenditure planning and beyond.

As one of Toledo’s only Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors, Brangham and Associates has an experienced team with advanced training in QuickBooks, America’s program of choice for recordkeeping software. We’ve got more than a decade of experience helping clients set up and operate QuickBooks in a way that meets your needs and budget. Small and medium sized businesses can receive essential training and support in QuickBooks setup and reporting for safe, easy management of financial accounting information, payroll, budgeting and bookkeeping all in one place.

Sound business direction and a broad scope of tax services are available for small businesses at Brangham and Associates. We know how to keep forms and information straight, and pride ourselves on cheerful, helpful service that removes concerns from the daily lives of small business owners.

If you are interested in learning more about our financial accounting and tax planning services for Toledo businesses, please call Brangham and Associates today at (419) 872-2221, or send us an email with your information at